My name is Xizvilasca, but members of the Horde call me Vil.  My mother, whom I am named after, is a loved and cherished member of the clergy. Her name is Xizvalisca and she is a powerful and devoted follower of the light.  She claims that I am the offspring of The Great Engineer, and that she has been celibate her entire life.  She says this with a straight face and truly believes this to be the case; it is not.  Although my mother is extremely adept in the arts of holy ways and displays extreme discipline when the need arises, she is also a naive fool.

My father was also a priest.  To the eyes of those who live in Azeroth he too was once a wise and powerful mender of the light, but secretly his real passion lived in shadow.  His passion for the shadow grew into obsession and during the reign of Arthas he was promised freedom from the Light if he would join the evil Lord’s army of death.  He did, but instead of becoming free of the holy arts his memory was wiped and was trained in the unholy ways of death.

My mother was devastated, and tried to plead with Arthas to return him to her because she was bearing the unholy goblin’s child.  Pleading escalated into an attack by the wielder of Frostmourne and she was found days later, barely breathing on the footsteps of Icecrown.  Members of Dalaran revived her and said that she only survived due to the last remnants of a fading divine aegeis.  She awoke with no recollection of her previous life.  She has since regained her knowledge and power wielding the Light, but adamantly refuses to believe she was once blessed with a child of the Light by means of the Dark.


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